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発送国 国内 (日本)
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  • 販売者/会社名 : 株式会社ティーオー
  • 担当者名 : 和田 夏実
  • 連絡先 : +81-0120-697-149
  • メール :
  • 住所 : 東京都墨田区八広 2-52-8-2F
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20869999 hi has******* 2016-01-30 回答完了
when my order receive?I order last jan 25 but until now I can't receive yet
[Re] hi
Thank you for your inquiry. We've reviewed, products that we received your order will be sold out, you will not be able to send. There is indeed selfish, but I was allowed to cancel your order. Please contact is Ikazu, I did not apologize.